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An Executive Analysis of the Leading 15 Ruby on Rails Development Companies, 2023

Updated: 11/14/2023
, Chief Strategy Officer of Sloboda Studio
#Guides #Tech
8 min read

With a demand for robust, scalable, and efficient solutions, Ruby on Rails development companies have become a frontrunner in web development. Being present for many years, RoR has achieved wide support and recognition by helping numerous companies deliver cutting-edge web applications.

According to the survey on Stack Overflow, in 2023 Ruby on Rails holds its middle ground, being admired by over 47% of developers.

And now, a different question arises. The choice of a proficient development partner is paramount for businesses seeking to harness the full potential of their web applications. So, in this executive analysis, we aim to dissect the expertise, experience, and distinguishing features of the leading 15 Ruby on Rails development companies. 

This analysis will provide a holistic view of the landscape, enabling businesses to navigate the terrain with confidence and precision.

Sloboda Studio

With over 13+ years of experience in the software development industry, Sloboda Studio is a globally revered technology company with over 100 professionals on board. 

Sloboda Studio was established first as a Ruby on Rails agency and has worked with over 50 software products written with Ruby on Rails. They provide services from development from scratch to scaling existing software products. 

With a meticulous 5-step hiring process, they assemble skillful teams of senior developers with an average of 5 years of hands-on experience. 

General Description

  • Established in 2010. 
  • Over 100 people on board. 
  • 200 projects released, and 100 projects scaled. 
  • Representatives in Europe including countries like Germany, Poland, Estonia, and Spain.
  • Main stack: Ruby on Rails, Stimulus, Django, Hotwire, react.js, AWS.

Sloboda Studio prioritizes trust and open communication in their work and puts professionalism on top of their values, which means they are 100% committed to quality and result-oriented.


railsware logo black and orange circle

This company has existed on the market since 2007 and has a pretty extensive portfolio. Their values allow them to scale projects from small startups to SME businesses using the most potent technologies, including Ruby on Rails. 

General Description

  • Established in 2007. 
  • Over 150 people on board. 
  • User-friendly design as a focal point. 
  • React Native, Python, and Ruby in the tech stack.

Railsware is actively pursuing the goal of transparency, making it one of its primary values. The team is quite open about their capabilities and experience level. With R&D centers across four countries, they tackle the most pressing challenges like different time zones and communicational issues.


jetrockets logo black

Nearly 12 years on the market have brought JetRockets to a track record of over 90 completed projects. They have Ruby on Rails among their primary technical stack and transparency among their core values. 

General Description

  • Established in 2014. 
  • 70 people on board. 
  • 93 projects released.

JetRockets is a multinational company with offices in two countries and plans for big growth in the future. Their track record counts projects from across different industries, and they have flexible and remote teams in and outside of the US. 

Imaginary Cloud

imaginary cloud logo black and blue

Imaginary Cloud has a user-centric approach to digital product design and development. Since its inception, the company has demonstrated a strong commitment to crafting intuitive and visually appealing digital solutions. 

General Description

  • Established in 2010. 
  • 100 people on board. 
  • 300 projects delivered.

Having a team of highly skilled professionals, Imaginary Cloud leverages its expertise to deliver applications and platforms tailored to the unique needs of clients. They are a good partner for businesses seeking to enhance their user experience. The company’s portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects with load time reduced by 80%, completed mitigation in 2 months, and other cases spanning various industries and sectors.


selleo logo blue and orange

Selleo is a software development company known for its expertise in crafting tailored digital solutions for businesses worldwide. Founded in 2005, Selleo has built a reputation for delivering scalable and innovative software products. 

General Description

  • Established in 2005. 
  • 100 people on board. 
  • 75 projects delivered. 

One of Selleo’s key strengths lies in its adaptability to various industries and technologies. They place a strong emphasis on staying at the cutting edge of technology trends. This approach enables them to leverage the latest tools and frameworks, including Ruby on Rails.


netguru logo green

Netguru has almost a decade of experience in delivering high-quality software solutions and digital transformation services since they were established back in 2008. With a team of over 600 dedicated professionals, Netguru provides end-to-end services in product development, design, and focuses on digital consulting. 

General Description

  • 8 years on the market. 
  • 600 people on board. 
  • 1000 projects delivered. 

Netguru’s impressive portfolio lands in a wide range of industries. Their commitment to agile methodologies and a user-centric approach ensures that every project is robust and reliable.

The company fosters open communication and transparency throughout the development process, which helps build trust and ensures that the final product aligns seamlessly with clients’ visions and goals.

Rubyroid Labs

rubyroid labs logo green and black

Rubyroid Labs has demonstrated a strong commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Since its establishment in 2013, they have been creating tailor-made solutions that address the unique needs of their clients.

General Description

  • 10+ years on the market. 
  • 60 people on board. 
  • 2 offices across the world. 

One of Rubyroid Labs’ key strengths lies in its proficiency with Ruby on Rails, a widely respected web development framework. Primarily they work with mobile development, though having a smaller team they work with different industries with an emphasis on CRM applications.


thoughtbot logo red

Starting from 2003, Thoughtbot has honed its skills in the development and design of web and mobile applications. Their multidisciplinary approach ensures that every project benefits from a holistic perspective.

General Description

  • 20 years on the market. 
  • 1000+ positive outcomes. 
  • 100 people on the team.

Thoughtbot is proficient with modern web development technologies and frameworks. They are focused on product design and engaging experience with a proven track record of delivering outstanding digital products.


vusiality logo orange gradient

Visuality utilizes the following technologies for their project’s development: Ruby on Rails, React JS, Go, and AWS. They make engaging and user-friendly UI|UX a priority and call themselves a boutique software house.

General Description

  • Founded in 2007. 
  • 11-50 employees.
  • 150 apps created. 

Visuality’s team is emphasizing code audit and business analysis, being educated and experienced in both business and technology. Visuality also provides UI|UX services and end-to-end development using Ruby on Rails technology. 

Bacancy Technology 

bacancy logo orange

Bacancy Technology is a software development company established in 2011. They are proficient with a wide array of modern web and mobile technologies, including Ruby on Rails. They work according to Agile principles, making software development engaging for the customer and delivering timely results. 

General Description

  • 12 countries of customers’ locations.  
  • 1050 people on board.
  • Six offices. 
  • Ruby on Rails is included in the main stack.   

The company worked with Fortune 5000 companies and has offices worldwide, including but not limited to India, the US, UAE, and Sweden. A major forte of Bacancy Technology is its top-tier talents since they have a wide base of developers who are in the top 1% of recognized talents. 


monterail logo black and red

Being on the market for a decade, Monterail has established itself as a reliable software development company that creates applications for industry leaders. 

General Description

  • 13 years on the market.  
  • 150 people on board.
  • 390 projects completed. 

They are focused on end-to-end software development, product design, and AI technology. As a team, Monterail offers both the development from scratch and scaling of the existing solution. 


exadel logo blue

With a strong presence in North America, Europe, and Asia, Exadel has gathered a dedicated team of skilled engineers, designers, and consultants to work collaboratively to deliver cutting-edge software. With a strong emphasis on agility and adaptability, Exadel often navigates complex projects and delivers results with efficiency and precision.

General Description

  • 17 countries where they operate.  
  • 2800 engineers.
  • 3500 projects successfully delivered. 
  • Ruby on Rails is included in the main stack for Back-End.  

Known for its commitment to excellence, Exadel places a premium on innovation, leveraging emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, IoT, and cloud computing. The company places a strong emphasis on cybersecurity and compliance, ensuring that its solutions meet the highest standards of data protection and regulatory compliance.

The Codest

the codest logo black

The Codest has a small team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, designers, and strategists who collaborate seamlessly to deliver various services from QA to project development. Their expertise includes web and mobile app development, cloud computing, e-commerce solutions, custom software development, and more. 

General Description

  • 15 years on the market.  
  • 50+ engineers.
  • 120+ projects successfully delivered. 

With a keen eye on emerging trends, the company excels in incorporating technologies such as AI, machine learning, blockchain, and IoT into their projects. They have Ruby on Rails development among their services but put more emphasis on cloud computing.


rubygarage logo blue

RubyGarage specializes in building custom web and mobile applications to drive business growth and innovation. They focus on developing solutions for enterprises, accelerators, and startups. This company with its HQ in Estonia follows Agile principles so that the development process is smooth and easy for the customers.

General Description

  • 12 years on the market.  
  • 150+ engineers.
  • 160+ projects successfully delivered.  

Their expertise encompasses a wide range of technologies and platforms, including Ruby on Rails, React, Angular, and mobile development for iOS and Android. RubyGarage is focused on several different industries, including fintech, edtech, e-commerce, and telehealth.


polcode logo black and purple

Polcode utilizes Ruby on Rails, React, and other modern frameworks for mobile and web development, product design, e-commerce development, and other services. They offer consulting services and are focused on tech diversity and versatility. 

General Description

  • 17 years on the market.  
  • 150+ engineers.
  • 1400+ projects successfully delivered. 

Polcode prioritizes team seniority, so they have a rigorous screening process to find the best talents. Their team is only composed of the top 2% of experts with high expertise and extensive hands-on experience. 

Wrapping up, it is important to pay attention to the companies you want to be building a cooperation with. Be cautious of your own business needs, requirements, and capabilities. We recommend having a conversation with every company you consider so that it is easier for you to decide.   

Regarding Ruby on Rails development, Sloboda Studio stands out as a leading force. With over 13 years of experience and a team of over 100 seasoned professionals, they have solidified their position as a global technology company. 

Sloboda Studio’s impressive track record of 200 released and scaled projects, along with its expertise in Ruby on Rails, demonstrates the capability to deliver solutions efficiently. Our pioneering work in popularizing Ruby on Rails in Eastern Europe further solidifies the industry-leading status. 

If you want to find skilled Ruby on Rails developers to extend your team, we can help you in a matter of days. Contact us to get developers’ CVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Ruby on Rails development companies in high demand?

The demand for Ruby on Rails development companies is driven by the need for robust, scalable, and efficient web solutions. Ruby on Rails, with its coding conventions and convention over configuration approach, is a powerful framework for building cutting-edge web applications.

Why should I consider working with Sloboda Studio?

Sloboda Studio boasts over 13 years of experience and a team of over 100 seasoned professionals. The fact that they pioneered RoR technology in Eastern Europe is undoubtedly making it a globally revered technology company. Their expertise in Ruby on Rails, along with a track record of over 200 released projects, demonstrates their capability to deliver top-notch solutions efficiently.

Will I benefit from partnering with Sloboda Studio?

Yes! Businesses can benefit from Sloboda Studio’s extensive experience, technical expertise, and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions. With a focus on client satisfaction and efficient project delivery, Sloboda Studio is an excellent choice for bringing ideas and aspirations to life.

How long does the hiring process for Sloboda Studio’s developers go?

Sloboda Studio aims for fast and agile processes, so you can expect to get your hands on the developers’ CV as soon as two days and fully assemble your team in one week (7-10 days).

What role did Sloboda Studio play in popularising Ruby on Rails in Eastern Europe?

Sloboda Studio was one of the first in Eastern Europe to adopt and popularise Ruby on Rails technology, showcasing their pioneering work in the region.

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