Quick food delivery, instant accommodation booking or easy search for freelance experts.  The Internet has made our lives easier, but online marketplaces have taken the service industry to the next level. Now, literally within a…

Dirty socks, unwashed dishes and food leftovers.  Some may see it as a horror movie, however, some entrepreneurs see it as an opportunity. Helpling has raised $95M and has $21M of the estimated annual revenue….

Gautam Chandna, CEO at TikkTalk shares his own experience in launching niche-oriented marketplaces and what an entrepreneur needs for building a thriving service marketplace. Before running TikkTalk, Gautam used to work at Opera Software in…

What does it take to build an online marketplace? Finance. Airbnb raised $5.4B in funding and Uber raised $24.7B overall. Everyone knows these marketplaces.  But would have the picture been different if they hadn’t been…

What if I said that your marketplace payment solution stopped working? Terrifying, right? The payment solution is an inherent part of any online marketplace. Without it, your marketplace will struggle to survive. The payment method…

Online marketplaces are taking over more and more industries now. Corporations and enterprises experience more frequent rises and falls due to digital transformation in business or digital shifts, as well as customers’ change of hearts….

Building an online marketplace is a challenging task which not every entrepreneur is up for. Making the right decision in the early stages of your project can significantly impact your road and velocity towards success….

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