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7 Best Conferences for Online Marketplaces

Updated: 4/12/2021
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With more and more online marketplaces appearing almost every day, it’s no wonder that there is a need for conferences for online marketplaces where we can engage in networking and learn a lot.

After all, conferences can offer you much more than just new information. They give you motivation and energy to do more and be better.

In this blog post, we have prepared a comprehensive overview of the top 7 conferences dedicated to online marketplaces.

Though the events had already undergone, the conferences themselves are regular and happen each year. And you definitely should check them out if you are engaged in the online marketplace business.

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List of Top Marketplace Conferences

1. The Marketplace Conference

On March 22, 2018, the Marketplace Conference took place in San Francisco, CA.

marketplace conference

It was a huge success. It gathered 200 attendees, even though the organizers thought it would be no more than 170. They had a chance to listen to a huge number of top speakers such as Roger Lee from Battery Ventures, James Currier from NFX, Matt Cohler from Benchmark Capital, and many other prominent marketplace businessmen.

Because of this success, they decided to organize another Marketplace conference in Berlin.

This conference lasted one full day, from breakfast until dinner, on November 28th, 2018. The price for a startup ticket was €199.00 with an additional €14.21 fee, which is not that expensive considering what attendees could get there.

This conference is definitely useful for online marketplace businessmen regardless of the niche they work in. At the Marketplace Conference in San Francisco, almost two-thirds of the people who came there to listen and learn were founders of such marketplaces. So, who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself a business partner there.

Many interesting topics were covered, but we’ll name just a few of them:

  • “Are you ready for US venture capital?”
  • “Building a marketplace that scales.”
  • “Customer lifecycle management for fun and profit.”
  • and many more!

There were a lot of different speakers from companies such as “Point Nine”, “Netguru”, “Eversport”, “Piton Capital”, “OLX Ventures”, and many others.

2. Global Online Marketplace Summit

The Global Online Marketplace Summit took place in Miami, FL (US) at Fontainebleau Hotel on June 20-22, 2018.

online marketplace summit

The fees vary for the different types of businessmen in the online marketplace business:

  • Corporates – $1,399
  • Investors – $1,599
  • Suppliers – $1,799

Rooms for two, three, or four nights were available during registration. Furthermore, for an extra $399, attendees could learn at the Best Practice Masterclass conducted by Simon Baker!

This conference is useful for everyone who is involved in the online marketplace business. The topics covered during the conference included:

  • “Facebook marketplace.”
  • “The importance of participating in transactions.”
  • “Growing the value of marketplaces.”
  • and others.

Speakers at this conference included people from companies such as “Facebook”, “Yandex Classified”, “OLX Group”, “CarSaver”, “Navent”, and many more.

3. Marketplace Risk

On May 21-22, 2019, the Marketplace Risk Management Conference will take place in San Francisco, CA at Bespoke Events. The conference will start at 6 PM on May 21st and end at 10 PM on May 22nd. The fees are different for the two broad attendee categories:

  • Employees, founders, operators – $495
  • Vendors, service providers, other non-marketplace employees – $1,495

This conference will be useful for everyone who is interested in the online marketplace business and for those who are just considering this path.

marketplace risk conference

Here are some topics that will be discussed during this conference:

  • “Seven Golden Rules for Crisis Communications.”
  • “Risk Management from the Industry’s Top Lawyers.”
  • “Post Mortem: An Autopsy of Shuttered Marketplaces.”
  • “#MeToo, Tech & Corporate Culture: The Mandate for Leadership.”
  • and lots of other interesting topics.

Some of the Marketplace Risk Management Conference speakers are from Instagram, Google Cloud Platform, Roomi, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, LimeBike, Sift Science, and many others.

4. Ecommerce MP

On June 6-7, 2018, the E-commerce MP Marketplace Conference took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil at Transamerica Expo Center. The price ranged from $660 to $1,099.

ecommerce mp

During the two full days of the conference, here’s what topics were covered (in Portuguese):

  • “Funcionalidades de Uma plataforma de marketplace.” (Marketplace platform features).
  • “Gestão de Catálogo para marketplace: como superar essa barreira.” (Marketplace catalog management: how to overcome this barrier).
  • “Você está preparado para as novas regras de performance dos sites de busca.?” (Are you prepared for the new search engine performance rules?).
  • and many other topics.

There were many speakers from companies such as Olist, Total Express, B2W Marketplace, Amazon, Danone, eBay, and many others.

5. Inspire

From April 1st to September 30th, 2018, the World’s First Virtual Summit & Competition for Online Marketplaces was held online and was absolutely free.

inspire conference

Arcadier wants to help those who start planning their future marketplace to avoid technical and financial issues. For example, there were topics on self-organization and management that helped the majority of participants. Obviously, it’s better to learn from others’ mistakes if you want to make your business better.

The topics covered during the conference included:

  • “How to Design, Govern, and Scale Your Own Freelancer’s Marketplace.”
  • “Collaborative and Innovative Leadership.”
  • “The 10 Startup Commandments.”
  • “Impact of Site Speed on Business Metrics.”
  • and many others.

There were many speakers from companies such as Arcadier, Spacely, Dexecure, Raydar, GoTrainer, Deemly, RUDE Communications, and many more.

This conference may be useful for those who can’t travel far or at all. You won’t meet people face to face, but you’ll definitely get the necessary information while working on your regular schedule.


On May 9th, 2019, the International Classified Marketplace Association Conference will take place in Hungary, Budapest. The price ranges from $800 to $1,200.

icma conference

Both speakers and attendees will benefit from this conference. They can exchange their ideas, and get valuable information and insights. The conference is a big session divided into two days that will cover many topics. There will also be debates, workshops, single-disciplinary meetings, etc.

There are no details about the topics or speakers yet, but we are sure they will be valuable for the audience. Previous conferences were a huge success, and this one is bound to be successful as well.

You can check out a webinar on the official website for free, but you have to be a member of ICMA, which costs $60.

7. Platform Economy Summit Europe

On November 20-21, 2018, the Platform Economy Summit Europe took place in Berlin at CityCube. It was the first major marketplace event that was supported by the World Economic Forum and MIT. The price was $2,500 for the main summit and $1,250 for the additional Platform Innovation Masterclass.

platform economy summit

Some of the topics were:

  • “Platform business models: What are they, how do they work, and why are they so important?”
  • “Impact on society and key enablers: trade, jobs, regulation.”
  • “Why and how to re-think business and society in a digital age? Macro opportunities and threats for Europe.”
  • “Global Platform Pioneers: How to transform an incumbent business model.”
  • and others.

There were well-known speakers from leading companies and organizations such as Intelligent Apps, Ping An, GE Digital, Deutsche Bank, Platform Labs, Henkel, Intelligent Apps, and many more.

We hope that our list of best online marketplace conferences was useful. For a quick recap, we’ve prepared a table with all the information you may need.

Marketplace Conferences Comparison

Our expertise in marketplace development


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Our Solutions:

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SalesFolk is a marketplace for copywriters. It specializes in the writing of outbound email templates for sales purposes. The marketplace platform matches customers with freelance copywriters.

The client’s goal was to make the marketplace application convenient for users. They had an MVP already, but they needed our help to enable new features for both client and writer.

Our Solutions:

We improved the platform with extended features., such as registration fee, suitable candidate search, proofreading, and personal information safety

Business Model Canvas for Online Marketplace: SalesFolk


You may want to pick your next conference depending on your budget, or maybe you want to hear your favorite speaker and talk to particular people. In any case, you need to try these conferences to take your business to the next level.

If you want to create an online marketplace platform, reach out to Sloboda Studio, and our developers with extensive experience in this field will make your dream a reality.

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