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    #Guides 16 min

    The larger the company, the more business management tools are necessary to coordinate all of the processes. In 2021, over 50% of businesses developing an ERP system were able to easily manage their accounting, logistics,…

    #Tech 11 min

    In recent years, Big Data technologies left the business area of IT and were introduced into the different fields of our everyday life: state structures, business, science, healthcare, etc. On the example of the healthcare…

    We continue dealing with the topic of blockchain and artificial intelligence. Let’s remember the main benefits of integrating the two technologies: Blockchain will make the work of AI more transparent and understandable for humans. AI…

    #Tech 6 min

    Machine learning is among the top and most prospective directions in the software development niche. The concept helps conveniently automate various work processes (including Big Data processing), enhance the precision of business predicting results, optimize…

    #Tech 8 min

    Technological progress and automation are starting to influence numerous spheres of human economy and everyday life. The rapid development of artificial intelligence imposes training computers to do the human work and implement their usage in…

    #Tech 11 min

    Imagine if part of your work was performed by a computer. Like, some intelligent computer may work as information on your website or answer customer calls… Fascinating, isn’t it? But it is no longer sci-fi,…

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