Alina Poperechnaya

Job Title: Head of MarketingAbout the author:

Alina is Head of Marketing at Sloboda Studio.

Besides being responsible for internal PR activities, Alina provides Sloboda's customers with marketing advice and support.

She shares insights on market analysis and product promotion in this blog.

    Favourite Topics:

    Ever wondered why there is such a big fuss over Craigslist? Why do so many startuppers want to know how to make a website like Craigslist? Well, Craigslist has 364,130,904 monthly visitors and $1B in…

    Planning to kill two birds with one stone by finding the best Ruby on Rails developer for your project while saving money on web development? Some may say it’s IMPOSSIBLE. We say it’s not. Choosing…

    What exactly is the measurement of a marketplace success? A number of users or amount of invested money? Nope, it is your marketplace revenue. And one of the important things that can lead you to…

    Expert marketplaces like are a goldmine for revenue.  Needless to say that investors spend tons of money on seeding the marketplace industry ‘cause the benefits that they get are beyond comparison.  That’s how…

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