• Industry: Writing and Editing
  • Headquarters: New York, USA
  • Solutions: new features implementation for a web app

SalesFolk is a managed service marketplace for copywriters that specializes in the writing of outbound email templates for sales purposes. The marketplace platform matches customers with freelance copywriters.

The client had an MVP already, but they needed our help to enable new features for both client and writer.

client’s goals

To make the marketplace application more convenient for the user by implementing necessary market-required features.

our solutions

User Flow

This marketplace platform comprises four different user roles: admin, client, writer and editor.

Registration fee: By registering on the platform, the client agrees to the “Terms of use” and “Privacy Policy” and is required to pay a registration fee.

Finding a suitable candidate: After signing up, the client fills in the information and responds to questions about “buyer persona”-for whom a task is designed. An editor then picks a suitable writer based on the questionnaire as well as the writer’s experience.

Proofreading: After assigning the task, the writer makes a plan, the editor and the client review it, and then they both and approve it. Only after that may the writer begin working on the assignment. As soon as the text is finished, it is edited and proofread for grammar, spelling and style, before being handed over to the client.

Personal information: The client does not have access to information pertaining to the number of writers on the platform, nor how many are available. Furthermore, they are not privy to any personal information about the writer, and vice versa. However, the client and the writer can communicate through the “comments” function within their shared task page. Direct messaging is also provided.

project stages

1. Stage

An authorization/authentication system

A registration system and a customer profile view

2. Stage

The ability to create a buyer persona for editing emails

A task commenting system

3. Stage

The ability for clients to edit email templates

4. Stage

A separate menu visible for editors/company members with emails ready for proofreading

An actions controller

The ability to modify emails




2018 (3 months)


2 Back-end developers | 1 Front-end developer
Project Results

Even though there were no technical challenges during the implementation of these new features, we did hit a few bumps along the way. Initially, the client had lots of ideas and with their help, we were able to grasp their vision of how the web application should function. Over time, we have fully developed the platform concept and suggested features that will solve platform problems that may occur.

We have improved the initial MVP and created a dashboard panel for different user roles.

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