Boss Ranger

Boss Ranger helps poker players improve their ranging skills in the real game environment. Basically, it’s just like playing real poker but instead of deciding which action to take (bet, raise, call, fold), the aim of the game is to work out which hands you think your opponent might have in their range. For this goal, the simulator for guessing opponent’s cards was developed. It’s the first poker tool of its kind, it allows poker players to test their hand reading abilities versus other poker players. Boss Ranger allows players to practice guessing player’s hand ranges in a real game scenario. After guessing they will get an immediate result. Boss Ranger profits by charging players a monthly subscription fee, which will give subscribers access to the entire library of games.

Will Weeks Boss Ranger Founder, Australia
My first online project taught me the hard way that choosing the right developers can make or break your project. With Boss Ranger, I really took my time with the recruitment process and thoroughly analyzed several different companies before finally choosing Sloboda.

Sloboda appealed to me because they specialize in RoR and they took the time to really understand my requirements. They communicated clearly, gave me logical timeframes and costs as well as offered more efficient solutions, such as using ActiveAdmin for the backend. As with any project, it’s inevitable that there will be some level of miscommunication and unforeseen problems, Boss Ranger was no exception.

However, they have always communicated clearly and constantly. They’ve been fair, logical and they’ve worked hard to find good solutions and deliver what they promised.

client’s goals

Many poker players seek to improve their skill of guessing opponents cards. Our customer wanted to build a new tool that poker players of any experience level could use to train and thus improve their ability to use deductive reasoning to accurately estimate opponents undisclosed hands in a real game situation.

As an input, the founder (Will Weeks) provided very precise specifications and deadlines. Our goal was to rapidly develop an MVP so Rails stack of technologies was a perfect match. It gave us the ability to build the software quickly and won’t limit us when the application grows.

We built back-end part on Ruby on Rails framework, for data persistence we used PostgreSQL which was accessed by Rails’ ORM ActiveRecord. Front-end part relies heavily on jQuery library and Administration panel – on ActiveAdmin library. This is a fairly common stack for such applications and because we specialize in RoR, so we just needed to apply our knowledge and concentrate on specific business logic.

our solutions

Our customer wants users to have the possibility to analyze any poker games they played before (including other poker sites). We needed something that would convert a text file with previous game information (copied by a player) into a graphical presentation so that players could train their guessing skills and improve them. We found a parser that was already written in .Net and then we turned it into an API, to ensure its smooth integration.

The biggest challenge was the implementation of a module for scoring calculations. It was built to reduce complexity and optimize queries to the database.

Since Boss Ranger profits by charging players a monthly subscription fee, we integrated Braintree, a PayPal payment processor.

We also customized a ready-made Gem module for comments that would also allow upvoting, downvoting, deleting or changing comments, etc.

We used agile practices and continuous delivery to ensure a smooth and efficient development process. Every day we had short team meetings where we discussed the current state of development. The whole team was involved in the code review which helped us deliver a high-quality product.

On a daily basis, we wrote automated tests for all new features. This helped to prevent tricky errors during the development phase and made the codebase maintainable. Furthermore, we deployed new features as soon as it was delivered. This gave us a platform to get a regular feedback that allowed us to correct and adapt the product accordingly.


Braintree Payments
Tools (hosting, monitoring etc.)
Amazon Webservices


September 2015 October 2016


2 Back-end developers | 1 Front-end developer | 1 QA | 1 Designer
Project Results

We went through the release of the MVP, update 1 and update 2. We continue to work on Boss Ranger updates and maintenance.

The app has been in existence since November 2015 and now has more than 800 registered users. Also, more than 1300 games were played, and the popularity of application is rapidly growing.

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