Text processing



Data processing


We use NLP (one of the areas of artificial intelligence) and Sentiment Analysis to process the news. Moreover processing big data can be challenging. That’s where Cassandra and Postgresql help us



Real Time


To display the content in the aggregator in real time we use asynchronous processing. The crucial part is to process data in bottlenecks in the shortest time frames. Parallel data processing helps with it



Relevant content


It’s important not only to save and structure (organise) data but also to provide relevant information by request. Tagging and full-text search engines help us with it


Display news


Well done! The news is gathered, processed and saved but now it comes to the proper displaying to make it readable. Clean and simple design is vital when showing the news



Social media intelligence


One of the business goals is to analyse how people react to the content in social media and the news resources. It can be tracked by the amount of likes or reposts. It’s necessary to get all the data by means of compliance API and to process the information



Aggregated data API


We build API which provides interface to make the work with these data possible. For example to post in social networks or use these data for internal research or products


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