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Post/Newsletter Scheduling


We employ high technologies to let our clients run their businesses effectively without applying much efforts. There’s no need to make posts manually every time as you can simply schedule your posts once and for good. Thanks to Sidekiq/Redis integration with Rails all background processing becomes easy and safe.



Social Network Integration


By applying GEMs to such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Viadeo we help keeping up online activity of client’s company. This also greatly benefits to much more effective news sharing and dramatic increase of the overall company’s popularity.

Content Manager


Content is still the main factor of any campaign success. We use BuzzSumo that precisely chooses and analyzes content by relevancy to the platform and provides all necessary info related to this content. After that we can easily integrate the fully prepared content into customer’s app.





By signing in to our application your company automatically gets a well-made minisite where you can add the most valuable info like content, pics, videos, contact information and other. With the help of the Rails Routing Constraints we manage to show different home pages to different users and restrict the URL to a certain subdomain or a range of IP addresses.

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