Quality assurance

Hire an expert TEAM in Quality Assurance services!


We offer different types of QA services and levels of testing, cms management, as well as website and web applications quality and medium businesses. The professional QA engineers and programmers of our company will find the right testing solutions, design test documentation and plan the whole process of testing.


Why hiring QA team


Outsourcing can be a cost efficient (low price) method for your development process. We can offer you the best quality assurance for websites and other applications!


Manual Testing Technologies


*New Relic : application performance monitoring tool that monitors web and mobile applications in real-time


Automation Testing Technologies


RSpec : Testing application which tests behavior and not only specific methods


*Capybara : library written with the Ruby programming language which simulates how a user interacts with an application.


Why Newrelic

    Errors tracing  

Newrelic usually tracks your transactions. Errors get recorded and can be filtered. As well a comprehensive graph can be displayed. All these features allow to diagnose and fix problems accurately

    Great flexibility  

It is scalable and powerful but involves a  quick set up time of just few minutes. It also has a very useful capacity analytics feature which performs load tests and displays reports which help predict the amount of capacity required

    Simple integrations  

It counts with several integration options, guidelines and partner marketing resources


Why RSpec

    High efficiency  

It uses a “learn as you play” feature which makes testing easier. It contains several useful features such as displaying readable output, and metadata associated with every example and group


Has a fast Unit and Integration tests realization. RSpec also provides a tight integration with Ruby on Rails

    Wide variety of tools  

Several tools support RSpec such as TextMate, Autotest, Aptana and RubyMine among many others!


Why Capybara


It uses automated UI testing and behavior driven development which is considered an effective technical practice. Enables you to perform tests that run faster and therefore they can be performed more often


Powerful synchronization features. Therefore there’s no need to wait for asynchronous processes to complete. Handles synchronization issues that can likely occur when testing in a real browser


Allows you to easily switch drivers for example from Chrome to iWedbDriver



Other technologies that we use

  • Blazer for manual testing

Tool that gives an access to the web application database and allows to  create regular checks for database data validation, collect data to infographics by using SQL syntax

  • Selenium IDE for FF for automated tests

Tool that allows to create fast automated tests

  • Browserstack for automated tests

Tool that allows to implement manual and automated cross platform tests


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