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Some say marketplace development is a trend. Some say it’s a step to the future of service industry. That might be debatable. But the fact remains: marketplaces appear, grow, get funded, take over the market and earn millions. The flip side of marketplace popularity is that you might be not the only with that idea. The key is to be in time and launch your project earlier and better/more effective than others would do.

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Ulrik W. Nash
Ulrik W. Nash PhD, Denmark
I have been very pleased with Sloboda Studio. On the surface, the idea behind Aquinium looks simple; invite people to make judgments about things depicted in uploaded images, and get them to trade with each other, or with AI agents, based on differences of opinions about these things. On further examination, however, numerous key problems become obvious. Most importantly, players need to be uniquely matched with each other, and with images, and this must happen quickly. Also, the solution needs to be robust to numerous contingencies to avoid compromising the data gathered for my scientific inquiry. Finally, the solution must fulfill that requirement, while being highly scalable to accommodate the loads created by many people playing simultaneously.

I think Sloboda Studio has solved this problem well, given the actual examinations I have performed until now. Moreover, based on Sloboda Studio’s own examination of load testing using bots, they inform me the system can accommodate many more than those 80 people I have had playing simultaneously so far. As for the service side of things, Sloboda Studio’s project management has quite simply exceeded my expectations. Well done to the team!
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Dan Serfaty
Dan Serfaty President of Artur’​In Paris, France
I'm very happy to work with Sloboda Studio. They are reliable, flexible and trustworthy. The team has proved their expertise in all the required domains. I am absolutely sure: we can do a great product together, as we’ve done so many things already!
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Gautam Chandna
Gautam Chandna CEO at Skiwo AS Oslo, Norway
Sloboda Studio's quality and breadth of talent secured a long-term partnership. They've helped catalyze an eightfold growth in revenue annually. The team features an array of uniquely skilled technical specialists.
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