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Some say marketplace development is a trend. Some say it’s a step to the future of service industry. That might be debatable. But the fact remains: marketplaces appear, grow, get funded, take over the market and earn millions. The flip side of marketplace popularity is that you might be not the only with that idea. The key is to be in time and launch your project earlier and better/more effective than others would do.

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Sloboda Studio is a team of leading
web and ruby developers

Why Sloboda Studio ?

Our marketplaces raise millions

We are proud to work with the most innovative EU and US startups. Our clients raised raised over $10 000 000.

We have niche expertise

We believe startup development is different. We work with technologies that provide rapid, effective development and short time to market.

Full to-the-market cycle

We offer a wide range of services that allows not only developing a shiny marketplace, but making your idea actually work.

Business and technical expertise

Our team knows how to deal with technical challenges that marketplace developers face. And we know how to handle business challenges as well.

9 Years developing marketplaces

Due to good memory management, PHP websites are easily scalable and your website functionality can be simply extended.

How we create

1. Discovery phase
  • Faceting your idea;
  • Market research;
  • Developing unique value proposition;
  • Creating perfect tech pitch.
2. MVP creation
  • Developing minimum viable product;
  • UI/UX design;
  • Lean start for idea validation.
3. Marketplace
  • Agile product development;
  • Ready marketplace;
  • Tech & Business Support.
TOP Web Development Company Worldwide by Clutch.Co

We solve challenges

We deliver great software solutions. Yet we have more on the plate.


Performing market research and competitor analysis to turn your idea into a “painkiller” and develop unique value proposition.


Building a strong marketplace development strategy.

Risk management

Planning, assessing, handling and monitoring risks allow your project to be completed in a cost effective manner and delivered on time.

VC Attraction

Faceting your idea and creating a technical pitch to attract investment to your project.

High-quality code

Developing a clear, elegant, efficient code and easily maintainable application architecture.

Customer acquisition

Solving the supply and demand problem, developing attraction strategy for providers and consumers.

Results Delivery

Experienced goal-focused PM team ensures delivering project results within time and budget.

Burn Rate

Prioritizing the development scope and creating lean roadmap ensures effective use and control of your budget.

2+ years average partnership duration

Clients say
Gautam Chandna
Gautam Chandna CEO at Skiwo AS Oslo, Norway
Sloboda Studio's quality and breadth of talent secured a long-term partnership. They've helped catalyze an eightfold growth in revenue annually. The team features an array of uniquely skilled technical specialists.
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Ruzbeh Bacha
Ruzbeh Bacha Founder and CEO, of CityFALCON, UK
“Sloboda Studio is a consulting company that has helped CityFALCON.com to scale up the business very rapidly with its Ruby on Rails development services.
They delivered a high-quality product, paying particular attention to the testing phase.”
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Uzi Blum
Uzi Blum VP Technology at AppLift, Germany
Pavel and his Ruby on Rails development company Sloboda are doing a great job working on our projects. They constantly delivering quickly and efficiently new solution and new features. Based on my experience working with Sloboda, I would highly recommend to work with them!
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