Event Platform



Content management


On event site, you need to manage schedule, partners list, prices. And it takes time. We provided a solution to manage it fast and painless.



Network event planner


Mean reason why your participants go to conferences – to find partners. We integrated solution which let people with different packages find right people.



Payment integration


In some countries, there are plenty of different payment systems. We integrated more than 20x different platform to let participants choose best for them.



Special displays


The system lets your participant see what topic will be next in this and parallel track, sponsors and organizer information. Also, you will be able to upload new photos from previous or the same date to show them on current displays.


Badges creation


Each participant should have a great badge. Within our system, it will be created automatically for each one with special network feature.



Payment processing


Creating DB from everybody who will try to buy. So it will let you to follow those potential participants if they would not succeed storing their information.



Invoices creating


Every participant should be able to download an invoice for his/her accounter. The user can download it from a personal page within site.



Price management


To motivate your participant purchase ticket as soon as possible functionality automatically change prices depends on dates. In the admin side, you can set dates and prices for each term.


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