Three free tools for Rails site owners

Three free tools for Rails site owners


There are speical tools for site Rails site owners, which will help you to get your source to be more effective.

So, let’s start.


1. Webvisor from  Yandex.Metrik

Have you felt you like a spy? Put on your site webvisor and watch your users’ actions.



Cost: $0,10 minutes to setup.

Once I’ve shown the site to my US customer and he was very happy about it.



2. Analyze your competitors with  BuiltWith

  • Probably you are already happy with Rails. But what does your competitors use?

You can check their technologies, site, statistics and other tools.


You can also compare your Alexa traffic rate.


Cost: $0,5 minutes to check



3. Communicate on site with JivoSite

Let’s assume you got customer on your site because of SEO or context from Google. How else you can influence him or her??

There is a simple way – install online chat and communicate with the customer directly on site.



You can get special opinions from clients and make them happy.

Site:  special

Cost: $0,10 minutes to setup.

I hope this three simple and free tools will be useful for your Rails project. Do not postpone them till next week!

Alex Morgunov

Alex Morgunov

Project Lead

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