Methodology of IT projects

Methodology of IT projects


How to find out what clients want even if they already have told you, let’s find out…


Evaluation purpose

The presale stage evaluation is the most frequent case of our company that is focused on the successful selling of client’s service. The evaluation during the development stage aims at forecasts of the iteration and functional volume that has to be implemented.


The characteristics of the optimal evaluation process:


The process of evaluation has to be passed as quickly as possible in order to:



Without unnecessary actions


Evaluation should be done highly accurate, without unfounded figures that can deter the client.

Evaluation should be done completely to avoid the monetary loss and extra expenses for unaccounted parts which were missed during the evaluation.


Evaluation of the project should have marketable properties for clients, in other words, evaluation should follow “easy to sell” rules:


Evaluated scope adjustments

Before the evaluation starts it’s important to take into account that manager has to be able to provide direction to the developer in the context of development style and also evaluation details and accuracy the client lists in project requirements:


The main rule is that the client, manager, and developer have to be focused on the general vision of what scope does client expect and will be evaluated, even if in the initial documentation records and requirements don’t contain enough details.

It is good to focus on important details and keep in mind the client’s background. It will be better to divide the app by functional side if the client has a technical background rather than the execution of the tasks, that will be optimal if the client doesn’t have any technical background.

The project technical assignment analysis and formulating proposals to the client that has the time evaluation



Technical assignment types

Generally, all technical tasks that evaluator have to make deal with, belong to one of the two categories. This is a fairly conditional division, but it helps the evaluator to choose thinking direction and kinds of expecting additional efforts. So, there are:


Technical assignment processing

Certainly, the actual technical assignment contains characteristics of both different lists in varying degrees. But for technical assignments oriented to the client’s requirements more effort should be made in order to:

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