Business-case of a Ruby on Rails project: Booking of golf courses

Business-case of a Ruby on Rails project: Booking of golf courses


In March 2013 a client required us to develop a booking system for golf courses. Bookagolf is an online booking system for booking games in golf clubs of different countries. This project is a startup and Ruby on Rails suits it perfectly. The integration with desktop and mobile clients was provided. It was necessary to design 2 parts: users and admin.


The functionality provided for users:



The functionality provided for administrators:


Ultimately we designed and developed the system according to a requirements specification.

The project was deployed to Rackspace hosting.


Of course, we encountered some problems. Here is a list of the most memorable ones, which were successfully resolved:



I’ve been working with the company more than a year and they have never let me down. The company is stick to customer service approach but if I am wrong, they always offer the best solutions. They remember that every project has its aim and they help to reach it. Sloboda studio staff turned to be a close-knit, creative team. I’m working with them and I’m going to continue our collaboration.

I and the team of Bookagolf would like to thank each employee of Sloboda Studio!

Alexandr Sudakov,


The administration page was made on Device. Some solutions which we offered during the development process:

Marketing activities were being prepared at the time of publication.

Alex Morgunov

Alex Morgunov

Project Lead

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