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    You don’t need to use cloud services. You can just create your own data center, build storage, and hire a whole team to manage the system. But we would not advise so. Cloud services help…

    #Tech 9 min

    React.js is a Javascript framework popular for its simplicity. While other frameworks realize a full Model View Controller approach, React realizes only Views. The other thing React is loved for is that it doesn’t require…

    #Tech 13 min

    Did you know an app that loads in 1 second has a conversion rate 3x higher than a site that loads in 5 seconds? This goes to show application speed and performance are crucial for…

    In recent years, the marketplace business has gained significant popularity among startuppers. Thanks to the universality and relative simplicity of the marketplace platforms. Almost every type of business can be adapted to this type of…

    #Tech 6 min

    Sidekiq is a background job processor that helps Rails developers to increase the efficiency and responsiveness of an application. The brilliant Sidekiq gem provides built-in tools for testing the various aspects of your worker’s lifecycle….

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