Victor Rak

Job Title: Web DeveloperAbout the author:

Viktor is one of the leading web developers in Sloboda Studio and a really cool guy.

After graduating from the university, Viktor used to volunteer in Ruby on Rails girls community and helped girls to learn RoR.

Favourite Topics:

Technologies, client guides, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Git, QA, Manual Testing

3 min

Ruby on Rails is one of the best frameworks for web application development. It is free, time-tested, has an extensive technical support base, and, most importantly, is incredibly easy to use thanks to a clearly…

#Tech 6 min

  There have been a scenario whereby clients come with an existing source code for refactoring because it has lots of bugs and it’s not running efficiently, a situation whereby the client decides to change…

#Tech 2 min

Automation is a great thing. “If you do anything more than once you should write a script”. Of course, they’re always a place for quick and dirty hacks for “right here and right now”. They…

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