Pavel Obod

Job Title: Founder of Sloboda StudioAbout the author:

Pavel is a well-know IT entrepreneur and networker.

He organizes the biggest software development conference in East Europe-Outsource People.

He has helped a lot of entrepreneurs to start and develop their business.


Favourite Topics:

entrepreneurship, investment, online marketplaces, real estate

With more and more online marketplaces appearing almost every day, it’s no wonder that there is a need for conferences for online marketplaces where we can engage in networking and learn a lot. After all,…

  Software development is like an undiscovered galaxy for many entrepreneurs around the world. The transformation of code into a real application that fulfills various tasks and answers complicated questions is a bit of mystery….

#Sloboda 3 min

Testing and software quality assurance is an integral part of any development process. The quality of how it is organized can show the professionalism of the developer company. We at Sloboda Studio, pay special attention…

#Sloboda 4 min

Airbnb, Shopify, GitHub, Basecamp, Bloomberg, Kickstarter, Luminosity, Twitch, Urban Dictionary, Zendesk… Apart from being successful and popular, each in their own industry, they all have another thing in common – Ruby on Rails as their…

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