Olga Iakubovska

Olga Iakubovska
Job Title: Senior Project ManagerAbout the author:

Olga says that she treats her project as babies. And that is 100% true-she is indeed a dream manager.

She has got a Masters Degree in Automation System from one of the best technical universities in Ukraine.

Favourite Topics:

product development, project management, idea validation, online marketplaces

#Tech 4 min

Web application frameworks are like cars. One may be good for racing. Another may assist you with massive tasks like a monster truck. And some are dependable everyday cars that are perfect for day-to-day needs….

What if I said that your marketplace payment solution stopped working? Terrifying, right? The payment solution is an inherent part of any online marketplace. Without it, your marketplace will struggle to survive. The payment method…

The business life is full of necessary decisions that we have to make time and time again. One such decision is choosing and implementing the online payment system. The question about which payment gateway to…

  The development of internet technologies offers wide opportunities for job seeking. You are no longer stuck to your city and the office, but can find employees and employers from all over the world and…

#Tech 5 min

The time has passed when you were forced to manage all your payments manually. Now all you need is a reliable payment gateway and some time to integrate it into your website. Reasons why Stripe…

Renting an apartment instead of staying in a hotel has become a popular trend for travelers. This model of business cooperation has become viable thanks to Airbnb, a peer-to-peer marketplace connecting travelers with local property…

  The first step in creating any kind of online marketplace is choosing the right technology stack. However, if you’re not familiar with the specificities of software product development, the choice might be a tough…

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