Alex Morgunov

Job Title: VP of Client EngagementAbout the author:

Alex has been working in business development and project management for almost 10 years.

He helps our clients to set clear goals and smoothly meet these goals. As of now, Alex is the VP of Client Engagement.

Favourite Topics:

business development, project planning, project management

  The excitement of coming up with an idea for an amazing new website may as well disappear as soon as one realizes how much developing effort is required to make the dream come true….

  You’d agree with me that for any individual or company that wishes to venture into e-commerce business must have heard of Spree Commerce or Magento. These e-commerce platforms are very popular, the functionality of…

#Tech 2 min

  In this 21st century where we have quite a huge number of people who are conversant with Ruby on Rails but have no idea that some interesting or favourable websites they use were built…

#Sloboda 5 min

Startups face many challenges that vary depending on the specific business, but in reality, there are 3 indispensable factors of startup success and how to range these three factors depends on individual. They are: money…

    If you are reading this article, you are either working with a remote team or thinking about it. Perhaps, one of the biggest obstacles that managers or business owners have to overcome is…

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