Bogdan Steblovskiy

Job Title: Senior Frontend DeveloperAbout the author:

Bogdan is a Master of Arts that fell in love with front-end development 6 years ago.

Bodgan’s motto is “Grow every day”. And that is what he does in Sloboda.


    Favourite Topics:

    front-end technologies, interesting tech solutions, UX

    #Tech 7 min

    The ReactJS structure based on Javascript has gained increased popularity over the last couple of years. And rightfully so – it is a very flexible and, without modesty, is the perfect solution for the creation…

    #Tech 8 min

      Every day, JavaScript is becoming more and more widely used. If previously it was suitable only to create the client part of the web application, today it also has great capabilities for backend development….

    #Tech 8 min

      Choosing a front-end development tool can be a tricky and wearisome decision. Comparing VueJS vs ReactJS, along with other tools that can be included in a comprehensive comparison, is a highly relevant topic, especially…

    #Tech 5 min

      A long time ago the world of a frontend reminded a set of chaotic pieces of a code designed to create functionality for a client part of a web application. There was a lack…

    #Tech 4 min

    Professional developers often face the difficulties associated with user interface creation. Even working in such a comfortable environment as Ruby on Rails, when making changes to the code (and this happens very often), we have…

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