Alina Nesvit

Alina Nesvit
Job Title: Head of MarketingAbout the author:

Alina is Head of Marketing at Sloboda Studio.

Besides being responsible for internal PR activities, Alina provides Sloboda's customers with marketings advices and support.

She shares insights on market analysis and product promotion in this blog.

Favourite Topics:
#Guides 17 min

The number one trend in the fitness industry in 2019 was fitness tech, according to IHRSA.  Plus, with the COVID-19, the use of fitness websites and apps has grown almost twice. Fitternity, for instance, has…

#Guides 23 min

257% spike in just 3 months – that’s what happened with just one of the telemedicine platforms Amwell in Spring of 2020. Even before the coronavirus, it was expected that the global telehealth market will be…

Missed the biggest marketplace conference in Europe in 2019? Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered.  More than 30 speakers, 400 attendees and a full day of our favourite ‘marketplace talk’. The Marketplace conference in…

No more building up the courage to ask somebody out in person.  With the rise of dating apps like Tinder, finding Mrs. or Mr. Right has never been easier.  It may seem that the market…

On a global scale, the market for the food delivery industry accounts for €83 billion.  And get this, in 2016 the revenue in the online food delivery industry amounted to $64,851M while in 2019 it had…

Ever wondered why there is such a big fuss over Craigslist? Why do so many startuppers want to know how to make a website like Craigslist? Well, Craigslist has 364,130,904 monthly visitors and $1B in…

  Planning to kill two birds with one stone by finding the best Ruby on Rails developer for your project while saving money on web development? Some may say it’s IMPOSSIBLE. We say it’s not….

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