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Sloboda Studio uses Agile methodologies widely such as Kanban and Scrum. It is possible to use any of these and easily switch between them depending on the workflow of the project.


Scrumban which is a combination of both frameworks can also be implemented. It combines the agile nature of Scrum with the constant team’s processes improvement of Kanban.


Agile approach to software development that allows for great flexibility. It is a useful when you the project requirements and priorities change often, and when fixed timeframes are unsustainable.


Why Kanban?


Kanban is easy to understand and enhances flow of delivery shortens the time cycles of each process.

Framework that breaks down a bulk project into sprints. Each sprint brings a feeling of tangible progress. It is specially useful when a full detailed description of a project and designs/wireframe is available.


Why Scrum?


It is a visible and transparent methodology that lowers costs, and increases team’s accountability, which facilitates the monitoring of the project’s workflow. It also helps to run the project smoothly by making tasks easier and enhancing the project’s workflow.



 Collaboration and Conferencing



Great tool used for online text messaging and video calls


Slack is a tool that allows for quick and smooth team communication


Google platform for communication, including text messages, and video calls among other features


Time Tracking



Platform that facilitates remote collaboration


Easy use platform for time tracking


 Bug and Ticket Tracking



A project management tool which uses boards, lists among others


A project management tool which supports Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban


Application that allows teams to track their work



Flexible project management and issue tracking tool


Facilitates communication and management of projects


What project managers do?

They create a development plan for the project after have understood the client’s business practices and goals. In addition they coordinate, and supervise the team of programmers and engineers working on the platform or application. Furthermore they facilitate the communication between the team and the client and provide her or him with periodic reports.

Let us lead your way to success!

We offer professional IT project management and consulting services for startups, small and medium businesses. If you need a dedicated team our expert project managers will ensure the best possible development of your project and find solutions to any arising issue. Project management in an IT company is essential to ensure successful projects!

Transparent management

All quirements, as well as the scope of the project are established beforehand. Our clients are  able to monitor all tasks and progress related to their projects. The project manager will prepare daily or weekly reports as deemed necessary

Save time at the best price!

Outsourcing allows you to focus your efforts in more important operations while we take care of the day to day tasks related to the web development team management and coordination. We can offer you the most cost-effective option in the market!

Ensure efficient work flow

The project managers are in charge of clearly establishing adequate expectations and benchmarks throughout the project. They will constantly review and evaluate the team Our team of project managers is not only familiar with agile methodologies but count with several years of experience in various industries


Throughout the development of the project our client can make adjustments and changes or can decide to manage the team on his/her own

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